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I Did Secret Shopping Today

It’s my mom’s birthday today and there was a blogger event that involved shopping. The folks hosting asked us to bring a non blogging friend and I asked my mom to join me.

She said, “I hate shopping and I hate that mall.”

“Perfect,” I replied, “I’ll pick you up at 9.45. They’re serving booze, it won’t suck.”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Brunch and mimosas did the trick. Mom and I showed up for a lovely brunch and then we were sent around the Grove to play with this new app.

Here’s the thing about it. I love technology. I love shopping and I love brunch, it was a no brainer inviting me. I was bound to love it.

My mom loves technology, she does not love a pre-beta application (she wants it finished and shiny) and hates both shopping and brunches (but she does enjoy a mimosa). Mom LOVED the app in every way. Next week I’ll share all the details with you, but trust me when I tell you that it’s good for everyone, and the founding team is so kicky sweet that you’ll want it to take over the world.

Of course I left the Grove after three hours of shopping and headed straight to the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills, ate a huge slab of something smelly, soft and nutty along with a half a loaf of bread and now I’m near comatose on the sofa. I’ve got to pull my slovenly self up in a minute so I can grab those kids from school and start with the fun part of the day.

Also, parents, is it just me or have the after sports snacks gotten wildly out of control?

4 thoughts on “I Did Secret Shopping Today”

  1. As I sit at home with a sick little one here in suburban Chicago…I am living vicariously reading your post…I love The Grove and I know I would love the cheese store in BH only I would have also stopped at Sprinkles for a coconut and chocolate cupcake.
    Keep sharing…love SoCa…

  2. I have to comment about the after sports snacks as it is one of my pet peeves.  Every sport, every season I suggest we either not provide snacks for the team, or set up some guide lines.  Every year I am shot down.  So I refuse to participate.  I grew up playing soccer.  Snack was orange slices and water.  Healthy food our bodies need to replenish some of what we lost during exercise.  I don’t think processed cookies and chips are the kind of foods we need to be giving kids after a sport.  I always choose fruit and water, and sometimes gatorade for my kids.  One year my daughter was actually given a bakery cupcake after a 9am basketball game.  I told her to save it until she ate some real food.  I wish this country would wake up and realize that the food we are giving kids only causes them problems down the road.

  3. After sport snacks have gotten crazy out of control.  In fact, the reason I’m so late in responding to this is because I’ve been busy harvesting oranges and baking organic wheat-free bars to stuff into handmade snack bags to give the kids after I serve some post-baseball tapas.

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