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I Hate Bringing the Kids to School

It’s been a wonderful four days, five really, home with the kids. Certainly there were early mornings during the Thanksgiving break, but we were waking up early to take Jane to soccer knowing that the afternoon would be spent napping. Alexander woke up bright and early to spend some quality time with Madden and the Playstation. It was the good kind of waking up early.

This morning’s waking up early wasn’t the good sort. Jane’s alarm clock is just too complicated and has never worked very well, Alexander relies on me to set his alarm clock, which I did when I tucked him in last night, and my alarm clock needed to be reset as I’d changed the time for the weekend soccer tournament.

This morning Jane’s alarm clock didn’t go off, it never does. Alexander’s buzzed at us and woke everyone up promptly at 7, which was confusing because mine should have been set for ten minutes earlier. Of course I had the am/pm thing all wrong.

So now I’m popping all over the web for cyber Monday shopping which succeeds only in making me happy that we’re Jewish and that we don’t have to buy excessive gifts for every adult who wanders into our lives. I find this little guy at Gilt.


It’s called Clocky. You’re supposed to set the time and then if you hit snooze the Clocky starts rolling all around the room so you are forced to get out of bed to find it and hit the snooze button again. I’m trying to decide if this is the best gift in the world or if it’s torture for my children.

Mostly I want to go to the school and pull the kids out. I want to grab Mr. G. and bring everyone home. I loved having my family home with me. The house today feels a little lonely and empty.

2 thoughts on “I Hate Bringing the Kids to School”

  1. It’s so fun to see this product because I remember when it was being developed at MIT years ago. I remember thinking that a runaway alarm clock was exactly what I needed!

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