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A Little More About Obesity

When I watched this video one of the many striking moments was the bowl full of candy in the classroom.

I love that we’re finally acknowledging the link from fatty and sugary foods to obesity and morbidity. Our bodies were built to survive famine, but it’s clear that we don’t survive the feast nearly as well.

4 thoughts on “A Little More About Obesity”

  1. Is strong4life the same group that made the anti-obesity billboards that prompted the #ashamed hashtag talks on twitter? Because this is not shaming…it’s education. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very disturbing because it is so true…we have a hard time admitting our part as parents in this epidemic. Education and smart choices…unfortunately it is not all that simple but it is a way to start. Thanks for sharing this Jessica.

  3. There is so much more work to be done before it’s truly ingrained that those foods will kill you — sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. The mothers at my daughter’s school look at me with shock and horror when I tell them that we do not let her have soda and candy/sugary foods only rarely. The fact that my daughter will eat a spinach & baby field greens salad with raw mushrooms over almost anything else also elicits the same response.

    What I don’t get is why.

    Why is is it wrong to give your child good eating habits? We did it because my husband’s side of the family has a history of severe diabetes — it killed his mother and two uncles well before their time — and we want to do all we can to prevent or delay that in our child if possible. If you offer her soda, she will say “No, thank you. My mommy says it makes your teeth fall out”. She’s almost seven. I’m hoping she continues listening to me about eating healthy.

    I also look at some of the kids at the school and I see so many who are obese. It breaks my heart. My daughter is tall and thin. That may change when puberty hits, but I know I’m not feeding her crap all the time so at least she has a healthy foundation.

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