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I Don’t Want to Know the Actors in a Show I Like

Recently I was talking to someone about the show Breaking Bad. I am absolutely hooked on it after having downloaded season one for a long flight. I’m now part way through season four and the shows are looking a little familiar, I might have tuned into them on the TV. The lady I was talking to works with the show producers and started telling me a bit about her job. I had to stop her and I had to stop her immediately. You see I never want to know about actors. I just want to see them act.

I loved Will and Grace until one of our friends got a semi regular role. All of a sudden I went from watching a show that removed me from reality to a watching my neighbor act. Which is about as much fun as watching a school play. There have been dozens of little shows ruined for me but none so awful as Justified. Last year I loved Justified. I think I even knew which day of the week it was on. In December Alexander went to tennis camp with two of the star’s children. I did everything I could to not see him but it was useless. He went from being a redneck lawman to an LA dad and the show is all but ruined for me.

Some people love knowing about actors. Late night television (and some daytime too?) thrives on the celebrity (or emerging celebrity) interview. As much as I love for my friends and neighbors to have successes, I’d like them to limit their acting successes to shows that I don’t love.

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Know the Actors in a Show I Like”

  1. You’re not an actor, but I love seeing you pop up on television, even if sometimes your “let’s hang out” persona differs from your on-screen self Genuine, just different.

    My favorite appearance so far was the shortest, but when I rode the bus once and I freaked out thinking you were talking to someone and I looked up and you were on Transit TV. Too cool!

  2. I started to comments on your post but then I got all involved in the Comments themselves, which are delightfully mysterious!  Now–what was I going to say?  Something about your not wanting the Fourth Wall to be removed.

    1. Willibaldoea is writing essays about me in his swank phd program… I think I’ll write blog posts about his essays and see if perhaps that can trigger another essay.

      I’ll get the little boy to write a book and then I’ll slap my name on it and take a trip to Tahiti. 

      1. You can get co-author credit, but my name goes first. And in prettier font. If you’re nice, you might get Helvetica. 

  3. Oh no, you met Timothy Olyphant and he wasn’t a steamy cowboy lawman:( Please don’t ruin Justified and Deadwood reruns for me . I love Timothy Olyphant, next you’ll be telling me that you Alexander Skarsgard is rude and Javier Bardem burps and farts. Lalalalalalalalaallaaaaaaa..I can’t hear you.I refuse to have my fantasies bastardized:)LOL

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