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Everyone Cries at a Business Lunch

There’s a startup in town that I think is going to be a winner. I love the concept so much that I told my friends about it before I even met with the founder. Which is awesome… for them.

Today I snuck out for lunch at the London presumably to talk to start up guy about his start up and instead we swapped engagement stories. I told him about Mr G proposing in London and he told me about proposing to his partner in Amsterdam. And I cried because as he was telling me about it I was imagining being his fiancée and having someone love me that much.

And then I remembered I did have someone that loved me that much so I cried a little more. Then I remembered two important things in this exact order:

I am wearing mascara.

This is supposed to be business.

I thought about dabbing at my eyes and trying to pass it off as an allergy. I think it’s a well established fact that I’m no actress so I wiped my tears away and smiled and complimented him on being so romantic.

I’m puttering around the house, enjoying the kids and the sunshine. I’m feeling grateful that this will be my 15th year with a man who moved mountains to marry me and grateful that I have the sort of job where you can sentimentally weep at lunch.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Cries at a Business Lunch”

  1. I thought we were breaking down business barriers and making it more personal now. I love authentic emotion in any situation and I bet he did too. Start up guys are usually pretty cool to begin with.

  2. I am married to someone who loves me more than I can really understand. I try to remember this daily, in the quiet moments, in the crazy stressful moments. I am so blessed, and I love knowing that people I like and admire are happy too. (Like you!)

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