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Gluten Free Junior

The kids are snacking on Goldfish and drop a few. I find myself standing in the kitchen screeching, “Don’t let the dog eat the Goldfish they have gluten.”

Because, of course, Junior is now gluten free. Let the mocking begin.

Junior was scratching. Not like a little but like OMG get that flea ridden beast out of here. I brought him to the groomer for flea dips and they assured me that there were no fleas. I kicked him out of my bed partly because I worried about infestation and partly because even a five pound dog shakes the bed a lot when he’s scratching.

That didn’t end well. He always comes back. 

the poodle in bed 

A girlfriend suggested that Junior might have a little allergy.

“To what?” I asked.

“Gluten.” She replied. I did my best to keep a straight face.

After a few more days I walked into one of those grooming stores that sells swanky dog food and rhinestone collars. I left with a bag of fishy smelling organic and gluten free food. To be perfectly fair Junior had been eating Newman’s Own which is grocery store food, but it’s the organic grocery store food.

The scratching magically stopped. Now I’m stuck buying swank dog food from a salon that’s closed on Sundays and Mondays and screeching if the dog eats gluten crumbs. This is not the life I’d expected.

15 thoughts on “Gluten Free Junior”

  1. My dog is allergic to chicken and meat and has diabetes (it’s awesome)
    but you can order the good dog food on and its a little more $$ but it comes in a day 

    1. Jessica, Costco has a brand of their own (and I can’t remember what it is called right but it isn’t hard to find) it is salmon and sweet potato and totally grain free. I did some research on it and it rates up there with the best. You probably won’t have to worry about running out though as it comes in 33 lb bags!

  2. If it makes you feel better, our Rottweiler can only eat a certain Salmon and Rice dog food. It is possible he is allergic to wheat and…beef. Yes, a carnivore allergic to beef! (Which dog food worked for Junior? I am always looking for foods to alternate with our usual s+r)

  3. I got the cutest hoodie at the gap for mookie he loves it! We have only fed Mookie fresh lamb and salmon dog food since he was a baby. I find it interesting that they think it is ok to fill dog food with filler and not focus on the protein they need. the filler can be the droppings that are inevitable.  krisers is the best place to go for treats and food. and you can use your foursquare to get discounts!!

  4. They say some people look like their dogs – I just share allergies. My Frenchie is GF too. Now there’s more trouble and I should just move into the doggy derm’s office. Seems age 3 is onset for a lot of dog allergies. Fabulous.

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