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I Am Fat

I’m not like exploding my clothes fat, and you might not even look at me and be like, “there goes a fat chick.” But I’m fat.

I’ve never been this big without having a baby in my belly and this is a problem that needs to be arrested before it can blossom into a bigger one.

I’ve had this slowdown of exercise in the past year or so but I haven’t slowed down my eating. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the problem here. I’ve thought about dieting and I’m using the VEEP plan with some success but I wake up in the morning thinking Chicken and Waffles! I’m going to take the kids to Roscoe’s because Mr. G has his man-date tonight. I seldom get out of bed before I plan my lunch and dinner and trust me when I tell you that breakfast is also good.

I guess you could see where this might put a few pounds on the old girl.

In any event I need some help fixing things so I asked 24 Hour Fitness if they’d get me a trainer. I’ve been going to 24 Hour Fitness since Alexander was about a year old and I used to be a much more diligent gym member. Actually it was easy because Alexander so loved the daycare there that I’d end up trying to fill up two hours with work out stuff(it was $4 for two hours and he’d cry his eyes out when it was time to leave).

It took a few weeks (two months really) but they were able to find a trainer who really understands RA and has been a trainer for 25 years. Unfortunately he isn’t at my gym, he’s at a gym closer to the kids’ school. It actually replaced my favorite grocery store so walking into it felt like I was cheating on my favorite grocer, you know, the one who sharpens your knives for you while you shop even though it’s supposed to take 24 hours. That grocer.

Can I tell you that this gym is light and bright with new equipment and a locker room that is immaculate and dry. The manager is a new dad with 17 month old twins and we talked babies and poop and he bragged about his wife, and I got to thinking that I’d like to get back to a place where Mr. G could brag about me.

I spent an hour with the trainer today and he knows how much I weigh… which means I’m going to have to be nice to him. We’re going to start with sessions post Oprah so that we can get a good momentum. I know a lot of bloggers will share the numbers. I’m not sure I’m ready for that but I can tell you that there are 15 pounds that really need to go.

I think I’ll feel better when we just get to working out regularly because this planning and thinking about it just makes me hungry.

6 thoughts on “I Am Fat”

  1. AHH, I’m jealous of your motivation. I have an elliptical that I do every day in the morning but it’s really my time to read. I get in a rut where I work out on the same (high) level so I can read and watch my news in the morning. 

    I tried getting up in the morning to do boot camp but it’s hard to get in my car and drive somewhere when I need to be working at 830am anyway. 

    Most of my problem is my diet. I have Crohn’s so I should be on a specific diet that doesn’t harm my body but I love wheat and sugar a little too much so I cheat. 

    Anyway, good luck! Hearing about your work outs will hopefully motivate me to do better. 

  2. BOY if you are fat! then I am obese! but it sounds like a great plan! I need to use your energy and get my but in gear I have been up and down since I had Jules and there is no excuse any longer. it is all exercise since I eat extremely healthy and suck down green juices daily!! 

  3. You and me both, lady–you may recall my post along similar lines a couple of months ago (I don’t have the additional complication of RA, but I’m older and shorter and those add their own complications). But it sounds like you’ve got a handle on this and I know you’ll get there. And you are 86 kinds of awesome.

  4. CrossFit changed my life 3 years ago. You go, do what they tell you along with a few other suckers, and get done in under 30 minutes most of the time. It’s intimidating at first, especially with a health condition, but a good trainer will help you scale any of the workouts.

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