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What if I Post Sponsored Videos that Don’t Suck?

Like this one?

Would you still be here?

If the answer is no then I’m going to go Ringo on you and ask you NOT to send any fan mail.

Peace and love. Peace and love.

1 thought on “What if I Post Sponsored Videos that Don’t Suck?”

  1. I am going to fabricate 25k pieces of fan mail that are all predated and ask Ringo if can sign them as John or George. Just want to see if I get a response.

    If that doesn’t work I am going to send Rush Limbaugh a tape of Ringo asking for Food Stamps that he can use to shtup prostitutes.

    Rush is almost deaf so I might do the fake voice myself. If neither one of those get a response than nothing will.

    Peace and Love, Peace and Love.

    Don’t care if anyone else appreciated that, at 1 am it was plenty entertaining to me, and the orange lady who doesn’t see anything wrong with being judgmental.

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