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While on Howard Stern Elle MacPherson Demonstrates that Anti Semitism Can be Subtle

elle macpherson is anti semetic on the howard stern show

This morning on the Howard Stern Show Elle MacPherson gave a few million listeners a lesson on cultural sensitivity. I missed the beginning of the interview but I was taken aback when Howard started asking her questions about how her 14 year old son felt about her having naked photos of herself around the house. Elle MacPherson avoided the question as well as any guest can and then in frustration she said, “You sound like a Jewish psychiatrist”.

In looking at the words it doesn’t sound particularly offensive, but in the context of the conversation and the fact that it was clearly meant as an insult. I’m unsure which is worse in Elle MacPherson’s mind, being Jewish or being a psychiatrist. Since I’m not one to look inward much it’s a question I’d rather she answer.

There was a bit of discussion about the Jewish men she’d dated and how “wonderful” they are. It’s that awkward moment after I’ve made a disparaging remark about black people and then I name my African American friends… I’ve always appreciated that y’all have silently nodded while I’ve dug my own grave and I think that Howard was giving Elle that same courtesy. She did in fact kiss a Jewish boy when she was just 13.

When she felt like she was being nagged Elle MacPherson told Howard that he was sounding like a Jewish Mother and again when she wanted to insult his looks she said he was “so Jewish”. As she continued insulting the host and talking about how ugly he was the interview abruptly ended. I’d enjoy seeing that video.

Elle MacPherson never came out and said, “Jews are annoying and ugly”… instead she sort of intimated it. I won’t come right out and say that the Elle MacPherson is ugly on the inside and annoying, I’ll just intimate it.


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65 thoughts on “While on Howard Stern Elle MacPherson Demonstrates that Anti Semitism Can be Subtle”

  1. Why don’t you write an article on Beth’s shady past or write about North Shore Animal League’s one star charity rating. Howard Stern can throw money at any problem but that doesn’t make people forget.

  2. LMAO Elle MacPherson now the heart of anti-Semitic darkness because she goofed on Howies face HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA she crushed his nuts good without even trying

  3. I always live when people start name calling to get their point around. Makes them sound so eloquent. Despite what people think of Howard Stern should make no mark on his faith. With that theory i guess all Christians suck because rush limbaigh sucks and hes a Christian and therefore they all suck. That would be like saying that all Australians are anti Semetic because Elle is and Mel Gibson is. This had nothing to do with Howard Stern and how YOU feel about him. It was about anti semetism. Wow.

    1. Funny that you’re “outraged” over two brief comments that Elle said on a single interview this morning (that were intentionally mentioned out of context by Mrs. Gottlieb), but not the fact that Howard has been mocking Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, the disabled, gays, etc., for the last 30 years. 

      1. Nacho, try reading a little bit:

        I missed the beginning of the interview

        She said she missed the beginning of the interview. Some people call that disclosure and others just hurl accusations. Me, I ask what the relevance of your comment is.

        Ok, let me spell that out for you. You said that Howard has been mocking numerous groups for the past 30 years. 

        Are you suggesting that because he has done this no one should hold his guests accountable for their actions/words?

        Nice logic.

      2. should i be offended when Howard brings in a mexican delivery guy with food and they have a porno whore there (white woman)? They have theme music and a translator, they entice the lowly mexican delivery man with her naked body and offer him to grope her or choose a $50 tip. I guess if the mexican delivery guy was jewish it would be racist.

      3. I listen to the show daily and can tell you do not listen to the same show I do, because Mr Stern, a minority himself whom has won awards for his work with other minority groups does not speak poorly on people you mentioned, unless occasionally for sake of comedy.   But he mostly jokes on people like mel gibson or christian bale as many comedians do for fun or politicians and not minorities, try listening to show once you save up for a subscription.  

        1. Start listening around 2 years ago?! That’s about how long HamptonsHypocriteHowie has been whitewashing his and his wife’s pasts via Buchwald Inc. And even though his “tapes team” has erased half his radio career, there’s a little website called Youtube you can check out.  Don’t buy into everything you hear from Howard. If just one of the few journalists he hasn’t bought off would do a little digging, maybe the AGT middle-America audience he sold out for would know what a vomit he is in life.

          1. You nailed it Meicarefruad. It’s amazing that Howard Stern has tried to relabel himself. He made fun of Rosie O’Donnel because she was gay. Made fun of blacks and hired a black co-anchor, Robin Quivers, so Stern himself could play the “some of my best friends (employees) are black” routine.

  4. Hamptons Howchie has made hundreds of millions off of racial, ethnic and religious humor. The wigged one used to say that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured.

  5. Howard has spent the past 30 years of his career ripping every ethnic group in the world to shreds and then when the slightest mention of his own is brought up he crumbles. Doesn’t sound like a “king of all media” to me.  Remember how you made hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting black stereotypes Howard?  Saying how Seal is “black as night” and saying how strange he looks next to Heidi Klum?  Going on tv in blackface?  Using the mentally disabled as a punching bag and cheap device to get ratings? I guess it’s a different story when it doesn’t involve you. But suddenly, as soon as your fragile sensitivities are bruised you’re a martyr and it’s time to put Elle up on the stand at Nuremberg.  And for your case Ms. Gottlieb, for someone who I’m sure is both concerned about the sensitivities of women and “family life”, why don’t you do an article on Howard’s contest involving throwing lunchmeat at women’s asses, or the long expansive diatribes about how children are awful and are the biggest mistake a married guy can make.  Next time we hear a story about Jews Howard, lets hear some cash register “cha-chinging” sound effects in the same way you play chickens clucking when you do a story about hispanics.  Seeking to “expose hypocrisy wherever you find it?”, my ass.  You’re not “woozy” from your exhausting 2 day weeks of radio – it’s the glue in your wig – use one without aluminum.

    1. Howard did not say a word or seemed bothered in the least by it.  Truly did not skip a beat.  These are all the listeners sad over this.  He is not a hypocrite.    Okay?    

  6. guess you didn’t listen the entire show. why you didn’t say anything about her Jewish boyfriends what she talked about?? making something about nothing, so stupid.

  7. I’m not sure if I’d call it anti-Semitism, but I definitely call it wrong. It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld when his friend converts just so he can make Jewish jokes.

    I think the term cultural insensitivity is appropriate. Mostly because I think of the other as a form of hatred, while this is ignorance and what sounds like an attempt to be like the guy on Seinfeld. But, ignorance is the gateway to hatred, right?

  8. I heard the whole thing and she sounded like a beeacth in general.  Is she anti-semitic?  Maybe. But she is definitely down on the ugly people of the world.  Too bad.  I wanted to like her new show. 

  9. I’m just not sure how Howard Stern being a bigot makes it cool for Elle
    MacPherson to spew stereotypes.  What’s that old saying about “two

    1. One thing idiot, Howard is the first to bash Muslims, but as soon as you mention “Jews” he whines. You have it backwards, why is it okay for Howard to make such statements, but not Ella?

  10. Absenceofalternatives

    This is why people should not feel self-complacent about “Oh I only joke with my friends -in private-” because one day you are going to forget where you are and slip, and you are going to be exposed for what you are. 

  11. I haven’t listened to him in years. This pair back and forth with the racist comments and sexist comments would be interesting…sad but true. Do u want me to say it? What a bitch.

  12. What are you talking about?  Did you hear the show?  You’re really going to accuse her of anti-semitism for a remark about sounding like an old Jewish mother (which is a standard routine for a lot of Jewish comedians:  Even Howard impersonates his overbearing, over-protective mother)?  Elle articulately explained exactly what she meant by it and it wasn’t an issue!

    Howard tried to compare Elle’s son possibly seeing an original Herb Ritts photo, a tasteful nude shot of Elle’s posterior, to the horror he experienced when his mother walked out of the bathroom naked.  THEN Elle made a joke, saying it was understandable, especially if she looked like Howard.

    Why are you trying desperately to imply that she underhandedly called Howard an “ugly Jew”?  She did no such thing.  Yes, she insulted his looks, and I maintain that if she hadn’t hurt his feelings (he actually considers himself handsome now after getting extensive plastic surgery and new teeth), he wouldn’t make an issue of anything about this interview.  Don’t insult Elle’s and our intelligence by trying to smear her.

  13. thank you jessica for pointing this out! I think that too many people don’t really understand the underlining of anti Semitism or bigotry!  they think it is ok to make jokes like that, when in fact they are showing a side that they think they are hiding. I grew up around anti semites the jokes were intense. And at times not so subtle. 

  14. Not being Jewish, I can still understand how that could sting someone who is. however, I have many friends who are Jewish and they have told me I occasionally act like a Jewish mother. To my friends it’s a joke, I think. I try not to tread in those waters because I have a tendency to stick both feet in my mouth without meaning to do so.

    But Howard Stern is an asshole. He is a shock jock. He does things for ratings.  It has nothing to do with his looks or nationality/religion, he’s just not a nice person. He has gone off on people and attacked everything about them, including race, sexual orientation, looks and faith. When someone turns around and does it to him, he cries foul? Puh-lease!

  15. I make it a point to hardly ever listen to Howard…he is insulting and uses his “shtick” to fill his pockets. Anyone who is a guest on his show gets wrapped up in whatever is his gimmick that day or any other. 
    When I hear ethnic slurs I look at the entire picture and try not to take it too much to heart. I am Italian and enjoyed the Sopranos but my family was nothing like them…I enjoyed it for entertainment and did not protest its portrayal of Italians. 
    I know that in certain circles my ethnicity and that of my husband is subject to ridicule…I am cautious and sometimes insulted but in my lifetime essentially nothing has changed when it comes to making “shtick” out of ethnicity.

  16. I listened to the entire interview, I’ve listened to Howard for several decades and I was really taken aback by her remarks. He was asking her a legitimate question, how might her son feel if his friends see naked pictures of mom in the house. It wasn’t an attack, he was being civil, but he clearly struck a nerve because she lashed out, and went right for the Jewish insults, it was wierd. I don’t care how many Jewish friends she has, she has issues.

  17. I’m married to a Jewish Psychologist (almost the same but he can’t write prescriptions – bummer!) guess I don’t have to worry about Elle going after him – 

  18. Being a mixture of ethnicities and appearing white has given people the impression they have the green light to say racist remarks against any “non-white” ethnicity with me. I was surprised that after we adopted our son it only got worse. I don’t think people realize not only the hurt they may be causing by saying these things, but also the awkward position it puts the person they are speaking to in.

    With that being said, I have seen over sensitivities, as well. It is human nature to categorize people, we need to look at the intent in which it is being done… and learn when it would be beneficial to step in and educate someone.

  19. I was not able to hear that interview because I don’t listened to Howard Stern. I’m trying to find a video if this interview, but didn’t didn’t see the complete one. I am not Jewish but I have friends who are. For me what Elle MacPherson said was offensive. I’m not gonna watch her new show!

  20. I’m Not jewish, but I almost converted as I almost married a jew and almost became an honorary jew rican. I’m just as offended as someone who is jewish would be. She really should look in the mirror and take a look at the not so hotness looking back at her and she should realize how ugly she is  inside to spew such nasty comments.

  21. Wow, how fitting.  As I was watching her new show last night I mentioned to someone how I couldn’t believe she was a supermodel because of how ugly I found her.  

  22. I so wish I could have heard this interview.  I’ll have to find a repeat of it tomorrow.  I have listened to Howard Stern for many, many years and I’m surprised he didn’t call her out.  I vaguely remember this sort of thing happening on his show in the past with a different guest.  I’ll be back after I listen to it.

  23. Wow…I know it shouldn’t surprise me that hate and discrimination still exist in 2012 but it still does….sad….I don’t watch/listen to him but I am interested to see/hear his reactions

  24. Notyourordinaryfreakshow

    Plenty of Jews same the same about their moms.  So it’s like the whole N….. thing.  It’s ok for Blacks to say it.  If you get offended by something like this, and especially Stern of all people, then something is truly amiss here.

    1. I think it’s rather well known that howard can dish it but he can’t take it. I believe he himself would say as much.


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