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I Can’t Post Today

Because I have to go back to the gym and work out with Loren who has turned every muscle near my abs into flaming firey things. I want to laugh but even a chuckle makes me remember the gym.

I ate half a pound cake yesterday. I was trying to cheer up Alexander and I thought that watching me eat my weight in butter would help.

The Cube is actually a really great vehicle. I’m stunned. It’s so nice to have all that light when you drive and people love them, they wave to you. Valets sneer though so we will have to get back to the Jag.

I pulled all the statice out of my garden because it makes my skin itch and attracts hummingbirds which Sparky will just eat anyhow… planting tomatoes and cucumbers this evening. Of course that’s after soccer, volleyball and tennis.

I have no life.

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