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I Need Help With Mold

My refrigerator has tiny bits of mold in it. Just little black speckles. I’ve removed all the shelves and drawers, cleaned them and then left them in the hot sun for days hoping the mold wouldn’t come back.

It’s back. It’s not overwhelming but I fear it will be.

How do you get mold out of an appliance? It seems to be the early stages so I’m hopeful that something can be done.

I don’t want to buy an new refrigerator. This one is built in and the only suitable replacement would be about five thousand dollars and if I’m going to spend five thousand dollars it’s not going to be to replace an appliance that’s not truly at death’s door.

Did I mention that I really do hate this refrigerator?

I need your help. What have you done? What might work?

15 thoughts on “I Need Help With Mold”

      1. Not sure bleach is a good thing here…  I would use vinegar where food is involved.  I have used vinegar to clean my countertops as well…  My 2 cents!

    1. First question: are you sure it’s mold?

      Yes. Pretty sure. What else is little black and spotted? Could it be something else?
      Second, how are you treating it? I used mrs myers and sunlight

      Bleach solution? I guess I’ll try that.

      Is it on glass or plastic? Both.

  1. Wash all the surfaces with bleach mixed with water. I’d say 1/2 & 1/2. Let dry on it own. Do not wipe off. If that doesn’t work let me know, there are a couple of other things you can do. But, bleach is the best and make sure you wipe every surface!

  2. This is what we use in the clinic I work in. It’s a professional strength Lysol. It comes in a jug like bleach as well. It has a fungicidal agent in it. I’d imagine bleach would work as well, but I’d try something you could spray so you could get it into the fan and back behind and around the fridge as well (if that’s doable…I know you said it was a built in). 

  3. Also, make sure your fridge doesn’t have problems with the gaskets. It can be a problem. Search to see if that fridge has any reported problems.

  4. You may want to have someone come out and service the fridge to clean out filters, water lines (if you have an ice maker), etc. They will remove sections of insides, so you can see if there’s mold behind panels. Also, they will vacuum the coils, which on newer fridges will be at the bottom. If it’s something that keeps coming back, I suspect it’s under something you can’t get to without removing bits and pieces of the interior.

  5. Please, no bleach! I had someone tell me once that I’d never clean mold from a horrible tub unless I used bleach. He was cocky and I’m stubborn. Needless to say, I got rid of it without burning my lungs.

  6. I am so sorry.. but it needs to go.  Mold is horrible and horrible for you.  It will never totally be gone.  New. Fridge. Now. :-(

  7. White vinegar. Full strength. It may help here. I also second the cleaning of the water tubes and/or replacing them.

    Also, you know those little packets that come in shoe boxes and vitamins that say “Do Not Eat”? Collect them and put them in a mesh bag in the fridge. It will help absorb extra moisture. No moisture = no mold. Good luck! Mold can be dangerous, especially black mold.

  8. The only things I can think of are vinegar and bleach – but if you use bleach, you have to wash it afterwards and that is kind of doubling your work, isn’t it? Sorry, I’m not much help!

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