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How Much Value do You Put on Sports and Education?

Alexander started with a new tennis coach. He really loves his group lessons but now that baseball has ended I’d promised him a private lesson each week. He’s just had his first lesson and loves it. The guy is German and speaks so kindly to Alexander that it reminds me of my grandparents. When he told him to stop and get a zip of water I could almost smell my Grandfather’s cologne.

Jane has a tutor for Spanish. Jane’s tutor makes 40% of what Alexander’s tennis coach makes hourly. I don’t set the rates or even offer to pay a certain amount. I just find it suspect that an academic is making so much less when I allegedly care so much more.

I suppose if I cared more the kids would be in group Spanish or Math classes after school instead of tennis, volleyball, baseball and soccer.

I’m bothered by this. I can’t change it but I’m troubled that athletes are given more money than academics.

Oh also. I’ve once again neglected to plan my summer vacation in time. Give me recommendations! I’m lost (only figuratively for now).

4 thoughts on “How Much Value do You Put on Sports and Education?”

  1. We don’t have any summer plans either. Not sure we will this summer. I’m not bothered by this! Sorry, no ideas for you!

  2. Its true, entertainers and athletes are valued much more. But I think part of it has to do with entertainment and athletics is a small club. Why there are plenty of talented people in both sports and acting for instance, there is only so many spots. Movies keep using the same people which creates a higher demand for them (easier to capitalize off for the brands who capialize on them), and psychologically people seem to feed into it even more. I would rather see more actors and maybe even more sports leagues, but our society only wants a handful of people for specific positions. This may have been the best centuries ago for leadership positions and such, but there are too many talented and smart people these days, and instead of an actor being paid $50 millions, why not 10 who make $5 million. maybe we would have better entertainment instead of different movies with basically the same damn characters. Maybe its also a subliminal meaning that people should value entertainment and sports more than education (which we know if you have money you pay top dollar for education, which is a no brainer to the very wealthy) which in turn feeds into the delima of people being more focused on mindless visually stimulation than mental stimulation that actually does more good for the human race. I dont even watch sports or television because its all the same and I have seen it all before, but that is just me.

  3. The difference in cost might be a local thing. I made as much as a remedial math tutor in the Albany, NY area as my cousin did for tennis lessons in a Boston suburb. ($50 an hour)  

  4. I watched a news report a while ago that said that teachers in Finland come from the top 3% of Finnish colleges students whereas here in the states they tend to come from much lower.

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