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Jamie Lynne Grumet Breastfeeds on the Cover of TIME Magazine

Does this help or hurt attachment parenting?

10 thoughts on “Jamie Lynne Grumet Breastfeeds on the Cover of TIME Magazine”

  1. Hi Jessica — what i love so much about this vlog is how loyal you are to our friend Jami.  You usually aren’t so careful with your comments which is a testament to how Jami breaks down judgment we might have about her choices with sheer force of personality and, let’s face it, she has a heart of gold.

    When I first read Clever Cleavage on her site and read the story of a woman breastfeeding her 5-year old I commented negatively (thinking Jami wasn’t in this arena), then Jami let me know not only was she still breastfeeding Aram at 3, but also her adopted son who is 4+.  Crickey!!  I wouldn’t do that even if I could, but for the first time I realized there are great moms out there who make that choice and maybe I should check my judgment at the door.

    Now don’t get me started on that crazy Alicia Silverstone — DON’T GET ME STARTED!!

  2. Great Vlog. I appreciate how you can express your opinion about this without “judging” and still supporting the other mom. That is a fine line and I think you did great. As a new mom it is so easy to thing that every single decision you make will greatly affect your child, and some are very important, but for the most part I just want them to survive and be happy, healthy, well adjusted kids. :) And yes, stay out of jail when they get older. LOL

    My Aunt, who has two girls (12 and 15), and I have been discussing how teenagers are like toddlers. You really just want to keep them alive, while still allowing them enough independence to grow. The similarities that we notice are pretty funny.

    Ironically, earlier this week I wrote about supporting each other as mom’s even when we don’t agree with each other, which is pretty often! Crazy timing. :)

  3. Good point about what stories belong to the public or not. 

    I hate that TIME is using this photograph to sensationalize the more extreme examples of extended breastfeeding.  They are pushing buttons sure to have a negative impact on the uninformed public’s opinion about breatsfeeding in general.  

  4. I think you summed up my feelings and the feelings of so many moms I have spoken to about the cover photo. I understand TIME is in the business of selling magazines and this will likely sell, but to me it crosses a line. Moreso with the “Are you mom enough?” photo then her breastfeeding her 3 year old son. As a fellow mom of a teen I was nodding my head at your commentary. It was SO important that I do everything right when my first especially were little, but now I know how that accounts for so, so little of our time together. Like you I worry about the impact this will have on her children, but I also admire her bravery because she must have known how big the reaction would be to her photo, and the story. 

  5. It doesn’t hurt or help. It brings attention to it but narrow-minded people will remain narrow-minded. Who am I to tell a person that nursing her child is wrong? It became inconvenient for me around 11 months since I couldn’t figure out how to stop my daughter from biting me. I chose not to try harder. I commend her for trying harder than I did. I don’t know how any person can come up with a hard and fast rule about when the “best” time to stop is. And I don’t think he’d be embarrassed – or should be. Instead of saying he’ll be teased by his peers, those bullies need to be silenced by their parents AND parents need to educate their children on the points of nursing. I also don’t think anything negative about public nursing. If a person can feed their child milk in a bottle, then a mother can feed her child milk naturally.

    Again, I think it boils down to narrow-mindedness or closedmindedness. Not a big deal to me. At all.

  6. Great Vlog…i could not have said it better myself…and the controversy continues as the media keeps this story going and going…it has been on the TODAY show for 3 days now and counting. Happy Mother’s Day Jessica!

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