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I Spent the Day Shopping

I spent the entire day shopping because my Dad is turning 70 this weekend. I found the most fabulous gift ever and I can’t even blog about it because he’ll probably just read this and buh-bye surprise.

I promise a video on Monday because it’s impossible to buy a gift for a man who has spent 70 years buying himself the things he wants. I can tell you only that it is not from Hermes¬†because¬†they’re in the middle of remodel and when I popped into the store this afternoon their attitudes were even shittier than usual. And usually they are vile.

The weekend is jam packed with kid stuff and I’m lugging wine around like a bar-back because I need to distribute bottles evenly around the school campus. I figure I’ve given them enough tsuris that I owe everyone a little good booze…

Oh, also, I got the Jag back. Ummm… they didn’t fix anything but they did take a video of themselves not fixing anything. BMW here we come.

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