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School is Out For Summer (in an hour and a half)

This morning the students (well the Kinder through 7th grade) had their final chapel of the year. It’s the moving up chapel and traditionally it’s sweet but long and dull. Well, maybe it’s not long and dull for other people but for me it’s a little tough to sit still in the mornings so anything more than three and a half minutes is tedious and not at all interesting.

Unless two new teachers decide to do a rap. Not just any rap but a full fledged three minute rap about the kids and the school complete with dancing, the robot and a little pop and lock. It was awesomely awesome (I is a writer).

Each grade ceremoniously moved from one set of pews to the other. My daughter is now sitting in the 8th grade section and my son is in the 6th. I find my personal pendulum swinging between boredom and snively sentimentalism. I’ve both loved and loathed that school, and the past two years have been fabulous. I’m happy we stuck with it past the loathing years.

Tomorrow morning my eyes will open slowly with no alarm clocks and nowhere to be. My kids will be with me (mostly) and that’s the way I like things around here.

Also, I know it’s summer time because I just put on a light brown belt and my stomach and the belt leather are the same color. Someone send a vat of sunscreen quick.


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