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Talking About Puberty

A few weeks ago Momversation and Kotex got together to talk about “The Conversation”. Linda, Tanis and I have three really different ways of talking to our kids about the way their bodies will change and what they can expect.

The big takeaway was TALK. I know that sounds basic but it’s really hard for some parents to talk about this…. Tanis’ strategy is to incorporate pop culture, mine is to be in the car or walking (so you don’t have to look each other in the eye) and Linda had a surprise from the doctor.

Kotex has some great tips about “The Talk” on their website and I suspect that y’all have some funny tales to tell. Tell me about it in the comments because I’m all for humor on this one.



3 thoughts on “Talking About Puberty”

  1. Jessica, so helpful and timely! I went on Kotex site, such great tips for talking about this topic with my daughter. I bought the tween products. Excellent post!

  2. My grandmother cornered me in the kitchen the day I got my period and told me about the time my Dad found her box of tampons and pulled all the strings out. Oh, the visuals.  I don’t know how I’ll approach this with my girl, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to do THAT.

  3. For us, it has always been an ongoing conversation about sex, puberty, etc.. I always told my kids they could tell me when they’d heard enough, and they did (especially Joel–“Okay, too much information, Mom. You can stop.”

    I got Katie a book called “the Period Book” when she was about nine or ten, and told her we could talk about stuff in there that she didn’t understand. Sometimes she asked questions, and I know she read it on and off for years until she got her period at almost sixteen…

    Jessica, I echo your comment about talking about hard stuff in the car. It’s the perfect place! Not only are you not staring each other in the eye, but you have each other cornered, so to speak…

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