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I’m Pretty Sure Mr. G Won’t Go For This

TomTom is searching for five families or groups of friends to spend two weeks on a tropical island and earn 10,000 euros for mapping it. TomTom’s Map Paradise Project will help create five new navigable maps for: Fiji, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Cape Verde, and the Seychelles.

Part of me wanted to share this opportunity with y’all… I’m talking to you Andrew, my cartographer friend… and the other part of me wanted to pack our family bags and go.

I’m still sort of considering making a team, anyone in?

22 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure Mr. G Won’t Go For This”

  1. Oh! I’d seriously LOVE to do this with you(and a few others, of course). Remember….I live in a place where we have REALLY cold winters that often last until April. If that helps my *case* any. 

      1. Drama is a given, especially with something like this. It is part of why I like having a deeper voice, if I want to yell louder than the next person it is easy. ;)

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