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Maniera Boots: I Wish it Would Rain

Maniera Boots came to the US last year but Europe has loved them since 1935.

These are so cheerful and soft and squishy. They’re like the opposite of Hunter boots so if you want flexible rubber galoshes these will delight. You can’t see that they’re fur lined.

They run really big so go down at least a size if you live in a temperate climate like I do and you don’t own thick winter socks.

Maniera USA $135 Maniera Sport Rockall Collection Royal Red with Fur

2 thoughts on “Maniera Boots: I Wish it Would Rain”

  1. I get your posts delivered by e-mail and when I opened this one this morning I wondered why you were posting about Ronald McDonald. LOVE the boots – just be careful what outfit you pair them with ;-)

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