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Utah with the 2013 Santa Fe Crossover by Hyundai

I’ve just spent a few hours and a few hundred miles in the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. I’ve driven it at a luxury hotel (and it looks lovely and perfectly in place there). I’ve driven it on the highways in Utah at altitudes between five and eight thousand feet above sea level. I’ve driven the Hyundai Santa Fe on an unpaved fire road at 45 miles an hour and slammed on the brakes just for fun. The car stopped, it didn’t skid or turn sideways. It just stopped. I could feel the ABS brakes pulsing faster than a hummingbird beats her wings and I knew I was safe.

I am so impressed.

Later this week I’ll give you a ton of details about what I loved about the Santa Fe (because there was a lot to love) and hopefully I’ll have a little video to share as well. I was surprised by the Santa Fe’s handling. It corners like a car with the visibility of an SUV. Speaking of visibility my kids adore vehicles with stadium seating, Alexander insists it helps him avoid car sickness.

I sat in the rear seat for a time and noticed that like the 7 series BMW the rear seats are heated. Fancy. Also at 5’6″ I had plenty of room to sit… forget fancy, that’s just good.

I took a ton of pictures and I’d sure appreciate you checking them out here. Remember when you’re looking at these photos that I’m the product of what happens when you get participation trophies.

Once I’ve caught up on my sleep I’ll have a lot more to say about the New Santa Fe.


The folks at Hyundai provided me with a trip to Utah (including everything) to road test the Santa Fe. 



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