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A Little More About The Center for Food Integrity


1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness ofmoral character; honesty.

2.the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

As a follow up to last week’s post about whom we should be trusting this happened.

Again, it’s important that you know who has funded the Center for Food Integrity (Cargill, Monsanto, Pfizer and Bimbo Bakeries are some of my favorites).

Here is the “informed food conversation” they would like to have. The following slides are materials they sent to bloggers in an effort to entice them to appear on their videos.

This is a LOT of money being spent to keep GMO foods from being labeled as such.

If you are in California I’m begging you to vote Yes on Prop 37.


tl;dr The Center for Food Integrity claims to be in search of a balanced discussion about food but they have planned a video with scientists which will address the concern folks have about GMOs to let folks know they’re safe. The CFI lies about not having an agenda check their membership.

7 thoughts on “A Little More About The Center for Food Integrity”

  1.  The Center for Food Integrity is a complete play on words. It sounds so nice when you hear it. You totally want to like them….UNTIL you see exactly what is behind the curtain. And then you want to vomit. I’m hoping that if anyone signed up for this…they are rethinking it just about now. And will they go on with their plans? Hmmmm…

  2. Thank you for providing all this information. I live in rural kansas and am close friends with tons of farmers/ranchers.  I never thought once that CFI was shady or dishonest. In fact, before reading this I supported them. I WANT to hear both what the national pork board has to say and what farmers not members of this pork board have to say. Same goes for listening to CFI as well as organic farmers not members of it in any way. I want both perspectives and to think critically about what they say. 

    Thank you so much for all this. I have been following and reading and it is leading me to set up interviews with farmers in a follow up post, allowing them to share their point of view.  And yes, I will ask them to disclose if they are using Monsanto, etc.  I want to learn more. You could say you “planted a seed.” (baaadd pun)

  3. The FDA and other organizations have recognized GMO food as completely safe for well over a decade. Do you have any reliable scientific evidence to suggest otherwise?

    I know it’s fun to hate on the big corporations (and don’t get me wrong, Monsanto does plenty I hate), but the backlash against GMO seems completely absurd to me.

    1. Joe we have a right to know what is in our food. Labeling GMOs is a right that food producers in the United States give to foreign countries….but not to us. That isn’t right. We have a right to know what is genetically modified so we can make the decisions for ourselves. I don’t want the government OR companies making decisions that I should be making for my own family.

      1. I am very strongly in favor of open access to information. But I have to agree with the corporations that this labelling demonizes GMO foods.

        To what extent should food be labelled? Does it need to have every pesticide listed? What about irradiated food? Wax coating on apples? Bug legs per unit weight? The choice to list GMO, and GMO specifically, unfairly calls it out as something that should be cause for concern.
        More so than the labelling, though, I take issue with the anti-GMO movement (which seems to be driving the labelling push) in general. It’s the same as when people were complaining about how irradiated foods would give us all cancer; scientific evidence has no place in their debates.

        1. Joe, the same corporations that are against Labeling GMOs in food were against having information about calories and fat on packaging. And that was kind of ridiculous. We are better for having that. I’m sorry, but I don’t like it when companies and the government tell ME what kind of information if okay to have. I don’t really care if companies feel like they are being singled out. The only thing I care about is getting information so that I can make educated decisions about the food I feed my family. And the vast majority of Americans feel the same way that I do. I have a right to know what I’m eating. I have a right to know what is in my food. This is America.

          And the other thing that gets me is the same food producers that are complaining about GMO labeling offer that information to Europeans. And then over here, I’m not given the same exact info that foreign consumers are. That’s bull. If they give the information to the Europeans, they should be giving it to me as well. Why am I not allowed to know? That’s what I don’t think is fair. I have a right to know what I’m purchasing and I have a right to know what is in my food.

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