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The Only Podcast Worth Listening To

My friend Anna is a voiceover artist who you’ve probably heard and you’d never know it. She’s also an amazing cook and a funny lady so when Anna posted a link to a podcast I decided to give it a listen. I thought it would suck because most podcasts do (sorry Anna) but then when I realized it was all about food and exercise. I only got better because Vinnie Tortorich is the host and in addition to knowing a lot about the body and how to make it do what you need it to do (get bigger, smaller, stronger, faster…) he’s completely NOT PC and hysterical.

This is a random Vinnie video.

It sort of shows how he interacts with a complete stranger… I was holding the camera trying to not burst out laughing… I might have failed.

In any event. The Angriest Trainer podcast is on itunes or you can stream directly off Vinnie’s site. If you’re looking to hear more about GMOs and Prop 37 (which you should care about no matter where you live) you can start with episode 33 and me.

Here’s what’s amazing though. Anna and Vinnie are featured in the “What’s Hot” category.

Here’s what I need from you. Download a podcast, if you love it as much as I do go to iTunes and leave them a five star review. If you don’t love it try another one, maybe that wasn’t the right episode for you. When you’ve left them a five star review be sure to leave them a comment here or on one of their sites and hopefully your blog will get a shoutout on their very popular podcast.


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