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I’m Confused About Your Site

I had a meeting with a coworker on a project last week and we were talking about our marketing materials when she mentioned that my site confused her. It’s a personal blog (a bit of a dinosaur, I know) what could be confusing about that? “I basically write about the things that I care about because I work for myself so I get to do that.” Was my inelegant response.

She continued on with, “When I see your site I see ‘A Los Angeles Mom’ at the top.”

“Uh huh.” I murmurred.

“And then I see you write about the following: cars, clothing, food… a dead body?” We were on the phone but I could hear her grimacing.

I smiled and said, “Yep, those are the things I care about.”

We talked a while longer and I realized that the Los Angeles Mom part might have folks thinking that I’ll be giving tips about burping babies and how to buy legos (in bulk and without directions!). Well I won’t (I just did).

I guess I’ve been “mom blogging” (whatever that is) for so long that I don’t even know what a mom blog is. I’m not particularly sure anyone knows but I do know this. I love cars, I love technology, I love beautiful clothes and accessories and I love my family. I’m curious about politics because everyone with a brain should be and I’m devoted to the concept that food should come from nature not a laboratory.

I guess it’s confusing and maybe I’m more of an old school weblog without focus than I am a mom blogger but I know this. Once you have a kid you see the world through mom colored glasses and that’s very difficult to undo.

Mom blogging it is.

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