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I’ve Taken a Huge Previlean Break

Well I haven’t really taken a break from it so much as I’ve been bad about blogging about Previlean. It’s the craziest thing because it’s completely changed my life and the only time I notice it is when I fail.

Does that make any sense at all?

Basically I eliminated a bunch of foods and recently I added back egg yolks. It’s the first food I’ve added back and I had no reaction. Do you hear that? No reaction and I’m ready to declare my love of eggs, whole eggs because egg whites are dull and rubbery and all the great flavor is in the yolk. Also I’ve found some sunflower fed eggs locally and I swear to all that is holy it’s a party in your mouth.

The problem with writing about Previlean is that it’s good. It’s like I do what they tell me do and I feel great and I forget that I have RA. Sometimes I have a better plan and eat a little wheat, jalapeno or sugar (those are the things I struggle most with and still crave) and end up with indigestion or a splitting headache and that reminds me about previlean.

I did a series of chats with Amy Pieczarka (who you might recognize from the twitter chats) about PreiLean, what the process is and why it’s relevant. Here’s the first… I’ll have a whole bunch of them up and running for you shortly.

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