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Well Hello Irony, It’s Been a While

Blair Koenig of STFU Parents has hit the lady-news. I’ve loved STFU Parents for ages as I think it does a good job of poking fun at the parents who really might want to back away from the keyboard.

This morning mom bloggers are all over Facebook and complaining about the fact that they should be able to post to facebook and have it be private. It’s just for friends. These are bloggers.

I have told my children that anything you put in writing is public. Always. This includes but is not limited to notes passed in class, emails, DMs, text messages and essays. When my children got smart phones we talked about pictures you’re allowed to take and pictures you are not allowed to take. We talked about the need to ask your friends if they like their photo before sharing it on instagram, Facebook or even snapchat. We talked about how Jane or Alexander might think that something is adorable but it might make their friends feel badly and it was up to them not share those sorts of images.

In comes the new digital parent with pictures of potty training, vomit and vagina destruction. Granted most of these posts are facebook updates (as opposed to blogs) but they’re still posts about the kids and using the kids’ images…. because ya know… our kids are our property. Oh wait, they aren’t?

The reactions are beyond entertaining. Women who have built careers (or hobby blogs) around the exploitation of their children’s images/developmental milestones/foibles are the most vociferous critics of Blair’s apparent violation of their privacy.

Hey pot, meet kettle. Y’all have a lot in common.

4 thoughts on “Well Hello Irony, It’s Been a While”

  1. If you do something stupid, we have the right to make fun of you. Trust me when I say that NO ONE wants to see a photo of your child’s poo on Facebook and we surely don’t want to see it smeared across walls, floors or their faces. People just need to have some common sense before posting some of the stuff they do on Facebook. I poke fun at stupid baby names and STFU Parents pokes fun at stupid parents. Don’t like either of us? Don’t visit our sites!

  2. If it was “private” no one would have it to mock it. No one is breaking into a home and stealing the baby book. If it’s just for your friends than apparently at least one of your friends thinks its STFU worthy or it wouldn’t be posted on the site. Do these people not think?

  3. I’d be hurt if I sent a private message to a friend and saw it on a site making fun of me. That being said, I thought this site was hilarious BECAUSE it shows online behavior that is FREAKING INSANE. I’m a blogger, and I don’t post photos of my kids’ poop. I assumed that was an accepted societal norm.

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