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You Down with G-O-D?

Jane just walked in and sang some of her chapel songs for me. One of them was:

You down with G-O-D? Yeah you know me.

So I did what every 42 year old mother would do. I burst out in hysterical laughter. She looked hurt and then I had to explain to her that it was a song from when I was in college.

And then I played this for her. Mostly because I tend to take an action and then think about it.

Alexander walked in the room and was like, “That’s the G-O-D song!” and he stayed a moment to listen to the lyrics, turned bright red and begged me to shut it off.

So the next thing you know I’m chasing both kids up the stairs begging them to not tell the other kids that the music teacher is having them sing a dirty song and telling them it’s totally fine to not be down with G-O-D or any other down with it thing and I’m praying like crazy to a god I don’t believe in that the kids don’t out me as the worst mother in LA.

Five letters starting with a P…. if they were bad spellers this would’a been an easier conversation.


2 thoughts on “You Down with G-O-D?”

  1. aaaah, embrace it! My brother is an old hippie (think of Dharma’s dad in “Dharma & Greg”) and when my nephew started going to church, he followed him around to lecture him on the evils of organized religion. XD

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