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A Contest Entry, Really

I know this is crazy and I never enter contests because contests are just not my friend. But I love New York and I love my kids.

My daughter loves New York more than any child should and is absolutely obsessed with going to NYU when it’s time for college. Here’s hoping the city has dried out by then.

In order to enter the contest I had to take a picture of what matters to me and post it to instagram. Well, that was easy.


I’d do just about anything to please my kids and that includes entering this contest and and sharing a video with y’all.

The prize pack is amazing and I have to say that we became fans of Affinia in the blackout of 2003 when we had two little kids (think double stroller here folks) and we were staying on the top floor of their property on 50th and 3rd. For days we had to carry the kids up and down the stairs while the staff took care of us as well as random New Yorkers. As I recall our stroller served as a bed for a baby with her young mother who was stuck in the City and sort of camped in the lobby.

The Blue Man Group is amazing and I can’t wait to see it again, I’ve never been to SD26 and everyone knows that Bloomingdales is where I go to pray.

I’m not sure how this is judged so I’ve got no clue who to suck up to but I know that my daughter has New York City in her blood and taking her there without spending a bundle would be incredible.


NY Matters Photo Contest is sponsored by Vidicom and Citybuzz.


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