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Going to My Happy Place

I’m about to go to the police station. I know, I was supposed to go the other day but I’m going there now and then I’m off to a board meeting for VTAC.

Currently we’re looking to raise money so that the Van Nuys Traffic Division Station can have a memorial for it’s fallen officers. If you’re in LA expect to hear from me soon. It’s a tricky ask and I’ll write about it next week at length. I can tell you that it really sucks losing your money but let’s face it, you can always get more money.

I’m trying to not let this aggravate me too much, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve now spent eight hours with bankers and there’s still more to do. I’m trying to go to my happy place.

There’s no sound on this one, so go ahead and play it even if you’re at work. Let’s go to the happy place together.


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