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Maybe One Year There Will Be Light

For years I’ve been begging my husband for holiday lights on the house. I love a house lit with white bulbs for the holidays and it’s not like having a Christmas Tree or anything, it’s just some lights. He’s said no repeatedly, it’s too Christian and I’ve respected that.

Well, last Saturday night we had dinner at Mr. Chow and passed by the Peninsula Hotel where there were beautiful white lights and globes hanging from the trees. I was like, “Honey why can’t we have lights like that? It’s not Christmasy at all and it would make Hanukkah fun for the kids [and me].”

He said, “If you can make our house look like that it’s fine.”

I spent Sunday morning figuring out who did the best lights in the city (I have NO CLUE how to hang lights and no interest in learning) and came across I sent an email and then called and spoke to Ric the owner. He quoted me a price and explained to me that globes were expensive. I scheduled with him for Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to this email. It had been sent at 5am.

Hi Jessica , I am going to have to push our instal day to Thursday the 6th of December due to the rain setting us back two days .

If this day does not work for you please let me know .


Holiday lighting guy


Since Sunday was one of the days it was raining I’m pretty sure Ric knew he wouldn’t be able to do the job. Or maybe he didn’t know, maybe he lives in a perpetual state of wonderment.

I needed to work all day Thursday so that wasn’t an option and we settled on Friday afternoon. It’s 2pm. An hour ago I called Ric and he just sort of forgot to put me on the schedule.

Hanukkah is tomorrow. I’m not going to spend the day learning to hang lights. But I’ll tell you something… I’d like to hang Ric from his globes.

Anyone have someone good for last minute lights in Los Angeles?


Image via flickr creative commons


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