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The Best Part of the Super Bowl is Obviously the Ads

The Super Bowl is one of my favorite days ever. Every man in town (and many women) are glued to the TV which means that I have the mall and the golf course all to myself. Typically I’ll stink up the course and then meander through shops that are almost empty.¬†Periodically¬†I’ll pop into the house and check on the commercials. More often that not I can find them embedded in my twitter stream and if I’m going to be perfectly honest I’d have to admit that I sometimes feel a little badly that I’m missing out on the shared moments of watching the commercials.

No, I’ve never actually felt bad about missing the touchdowns.

In a year where Chevy has decided to skip Super Bowl advertising it’s interesting to see who gets in the game and why. Taco Bell has sat it out for a few years and now they’re going for a spot that looks like it’s going to be pretty entertaining. Right now there’s a teaser up on their YouTube Channel. We’ll have to wait until February 3rd to see the whole thing.


4 thoughts on “The Best Part of the Super Bowl is Obviously the Ads”

  1. Never really thought of it this way but love football season for similar reasons…getting through Whole Foods and Costco with ease! I see the commercials on GMA, Monday morning. :)

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