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The Green Hair is Part of the Strategy

The first day of a long break from school (two weeks or longer) Jane will typically add a little color to the tips of her hair. This time it was green. This time it was also a little higher than usual because one side was higher and then we added a little more… and well… everyone knows how that ends.

Jane’s tips (ends of her hair) had been bleached nearly white last summer so she could have pink. The porous nature of her bleached ends made them suck up color like a dry sponge so the green was really adorable and vibrant (assuming you are 14).

green hair hoover dam


Jane was careful to not use too much shampoo until New Year’s Day. We figured it would take a week of washing to get the color to fade away. Okay… by “we” I mean “I”. And when I say “thought” I should have said “erroneously thought”.

After three rounds of clarifying shampoo this was the result. It’s lighter… but it’s not light yet.

faded green hair

After a treatment and a trim we have this.

green hair after a trim


Tomorrow we’ll try a little bleach in the treatment and hope for the best. Why does any of this matter? Because January 12th is Jane’s first high school interview. The first of five. Of the five schools she’s applying to four of them wear uniforms and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any admissions officers sitting around hoping that a blue eyed, green haired girl will plunk herself down in their office and hope for a spot at their school.



14 thoughts on “The Green Hair is Part of the Strategy”

  1. Hmm…big ballerina/sock buns are all the rage right now. She could wear her hair up to interviews? And then hope no one notices at school? (ok, fat chance of that.) For what it’s worth, I still think she’s rockin’ it ;)

  2. Maybe, as an alternate option, she could wear it back in a bun. If you use those hair screws from Goody you could possiblymaybe get all that green tucked away in a super-studious look the high schools will drool over. I look forward to finding out how this unfolds!

  3. A) I actually really kind of like it.
    B) MANIC PANIC, WOMAN. It’s cheap, it rinses out in a week, and it RINSES OUT IN A WEEK.
    C) I had green hair (accidentally) at about her age. I loved it, but not enough to ever want it again, which came in handy when I went though my emo goth phase while I was employed. I pierced myself 19 times but my hair stayed a happy, safe, average bank teller blond.

  4. I definitely feel your pain Jessica. I did the same thing to my daughter’s hair last school year except it wasn’t the tips, it was just 6 streaks. Hot pink on towhead blonde hair. She got sent to the vice principal’s office. We were told it had to be removed or she couldn’t return to school. Many clarifying washes later it was lighter, but still there. I had a long discussion with the vice principal and we decided a ponytail would have to do until it washed out. So yes, I’ve been there! (And how dare you steal my Mother-of-the-Year title from me! I thought we were friends!) :)

  5. I love it. Very mermaid-y. I have to say that any school that wouldn’t be able to see past some hair dye would be too sucky to attend. If they have a dress code, they can ask for her to change it upon admission. It’s not like she has a mohawk or dreadlocks. (I say this as a former prep school attendee whose dean would periodically drag my friends into the office to gauge hairstyles and skirt lengths back in the day.)

  6. Absence of alternatives

    First of all, she is beautiful. I love those piercing blue eyes, and what’s more, the confidence that shines through. And omg, she looks just like you!!! Maybe you should get a different color tip also!

    Now, is it possible to wear heyhair in a bun our something so the tip won’t show?

    1. absence of alternatives

      If the bun does not cover the tips, try this simple hair-style: tie your hair in a pony tail. Tuck the pony into the hair itself. Pin with bobby pins. Done.

      I learned to do this from this video and I have been wearing my hair this way ever since. Some disclaimer:
      1. Yeah, these youTube tutorials with music and women batting their eyelashes make me gag also.
      2. I don’t have bangs but the style still works for me.

      Anyway, good luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  7. Jess, she is gorgeous–and she sure looks like her mom–

    The girls on Katie’s varsity basketball team each dyed a streak at the nape of the neck–kind of a team-building thing–I had such a hard time saying yes–the good thing for Katie is that it doesn’t show unless she’s got her hair in a ponytail, like she does, well, for a basketball game…

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