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I know I’m Parenting Right When…

My daughter receives a compliment and her response is to smile and say “Thank You.” Sometimes her voice even goes up an octave but she is never self deprecating.

My son refused to take a week off of school to accompany me to Australia. After thinking it through for a few days he simply stated, “Mom, I’m sorry I don’t think I could enjoy myself when I’m supposed to be in class.”

Both children want to go to camp. Neither child thinks they’ll be homesick. This both delights and concerns me.

How do you know when you’ve parented well?



3 thoughts on “I know I’m Parenting Right When…”

  1. When I jokingly say to my 13 year old son, “It’s okay if you hate me for taking away your laptop, I can handle it,” and he says,

    “Why would I hate you? I knew perfectly well that I wasn’t supposed to have it in my room, you’ve told me that at least 100 times!”

    And knowing he paid for his laptop with his very own money and he still realizes my right to take it away.

  2. I rarely feel like I’m getting it right, but when I watch my girls swimming, I think making the hour and half round trip every week for the past four years has been time well spent.

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