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Cottonelle Wipes Clean Test: A Sponsored Post About Sponsored Posts (and the opportunity to win a $10,000 bathroom makeover)

I’m in here in Sydney Austrialia having just finished a one day conference about the intersection of bloggers, healthcare and brands. It was an extraordinary group and part of the focus was necessarily on the sponsored post, the brand integration and whatnot. Of course the ridiculousness of it all is that today’s the day that I need to write about a day on set with Cottonelle…. which is a totally natural thing, right? I mean every LA housewife just happens to spend a day on the set with Cottonelle while they create a series of funny commercials about how things can’t really get clean without moisture.

Therein lies the challenge.

A couple of years ago Cottonelle and Funny or Die put together another spot about the Fresh Wipes and I had a cameo in the spot, mostly to prove that I’m not an actor I assume. It was a really fun day and the folks at Cottonelle were trying to alert you to the fact that in order to get things clean you need some moisture. This time I think they’re even funnier and lordy if you don’t get the point from these commercials you’ll never get the point (get the point… I’m doing you a favor here).

Ciaran and I were lucky enough to get to ask Sam Cadman (the director) a little bit about the set up. I swear y’all… while I was thinking video these folks were full Hollywood Production. In the alley behind the fake restaurant there were tents, trailers, catering trucks, fake food (it was salsa smeared all over the table) and mountains of cables, cameras and electronics. You can see some of that here:

When we are laughing hysterically in the tent (and I mean tears rolling down our faces) it’s because one of the patrons of the fake restaurant had actually lectured the fake server about the proper way to use Cottonelle Fresh Wipes… it was really funny for us because she clearly didn’t know she was on camera but it’s not the best commercial in the world because she seemed like an actor that Cottonelle had hired to extol their virtues. From our place in the production tent though it was hysteria inducing.

In any event there are three spots with three separate gags involving getting things clean without water. I obviously love the restaurant version because I was there… and seriously that poor pregnant woman sitting in front of a table of manky old salsa? Someone needs to pamper her, she’s a superhero for not having a complete tantrum.

The Salon (I would have pitched a fit here too):

The Car Wash:

The Restaurant:

As much as I love to entertain y’all let’s face it, I’m not going to randomly share a bunch of videos with you (however funny they may be) without a payoff. If you go over to Cottonelle you can test your cleaning logic and enter to win a $10,000 bathroom makeover.

3 thoughts on “Cottonelle Wipes Clean Test: A Sponsored Post About Sponsored Posts (and the opportunity to win a $10,000 bathroom makeover)”

  1. These videos seriously crack me up – especially the hair salon video. The looks on their faces are priceless!

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