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The Playroom, Chapter 90980924

It’s time to take the playroom from a little kid space filled with games and toys to a more teenage space filled with beanbag chairs, a TV, an xBox and a playstation (we can’t have just one gaming system). In order to do this I have to first empty said playroom, which should take the better part of a day, right?

Or maybe the better part of a week. I’ve got all of the toys whittled down to this

playroom toy closet

But I’m having a really hard time parting with Battleship, Guess Who and those cool cardboard blocks that seemed to last forever. Also things are multiplying and every time I open a box it’s like those tricks where the snake comes popping out except it’s not a snake it’s like 300 toy pieces that for some reason I feel compelled to sort through rather than immediately trashing them. I should just bring in some big black lawn and leaf bags and call it a day but I’m finding myself oddly attached to Tonka trucks that once grated on my nerves and now have me wistful.

almost empty shelves

The room is almost empty. Tomorrow that ikea monstrosity will beĀ disassembledĀ and hauled away and the weird thing is that I’m still not sure how I feel about any of it. I just know my kids are getting bigger.


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  1. One video game system? Between my apartment and their mother’s house, we have several systems. I’m pretty sure we have each Nintendo console up to and including the Wii. She has our old Playstation and I have the 2. Her boyfriend may have contributed yet another system, but I haven’t been over much lately, so I’m not sure.

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