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I’m Going to Attempt the Impossible

A few months ago I bought the world’s best bath towels. I only bought three of them because they cost an absolute fortune but the sales lady at Bloomingdales assured me they’d be worth it. Here we are six months later and those three towels have held up extraordinarily well even with insane overuse because they quickly became our favorites. To be fair they were replacing some incredibly moisture resistant (also not inexpensive) towels I’d purchased from Restoration Hardware.

Last week Bloomingdales had one of their zillion dollar off sales and the Abyss bath towels were 40% off from $90 each so I was only mildly apoplectic when I bought a half dozen towels and a handful of wash cloths. When we were newlyweds and dinosaurs roamed the Earth my sister in law bought us a set of Christy Egyptian Cotton bath towels that are only just falling apart. Sometimes it’s actually frugal to buy the high end items.

Abyss Bath Towels

After laundering the new towels it was time to put them away and get rid of the junk. I also found an old sleeping bag and a comforter that no one will ever need. Monday morning I stacked the towels and the blankets on a sofa and planned to bring them to the animal shelter where they can be put to good use.

Now I have a big problem. The last time I was at the animal shelter I came home with her.

Sparky the cat

It took me a while but I’ve come to love and appreciate her. In all candor I do love Junior more but every time I hang out with the cat (not that often because she despises the dog) I think to myself, “Hey I could have another cat. This is pretty awesome and easy.”

It’s now Wednesday and there’s still a pile of crap on my sofa but I’m pretty sure today is the day that I am able to go to the animal shelter to drop something off without bringing something home.

Wish me luck.

towels sofa

2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Attempt the Impossible”

  1. Well who doesn’t love a great towel? Found some in Texas years ago – cotton/modal… gorgeous, super absorbent, took a beating laundering after laundering and kept shape, lasted ages, Haven’t been able to find same quality since. As for kitties, never been a fan of cats… until the interwebs that is. I can watch video clips of cats for hours. Good luck. :)

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