Huggies Helps Your Kids Stay In Diapers Until They’re Teenagers

When kids feel wet and uncomfortable they start to potty train.

With Huggies new TweetPee you can get a mobile notification every time your kid pisses. This is awesome for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have to actually touch your kid or pay attention to them to find out that a diaper is wet
  • Those diapers that are supposed to keep your kid dry for more than one urine event can get replaced two or three times as quickly as before.
  • More time with a cell phone! Bonus!
  • Electronics, urine and your baby’s genitalia. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Delay potty training¬†indefinitely¬†and you won’t have to share the bathroom. Kids are pissing and crapping all over the place

huggies tweet pee


Have I missed any other benefits?

7 thoughts on “Huggies Helps Your Kids Stay In Diapers Until They’re Teenagers”

  1. There will surely be a rise in testicular and ovarian cancer thanks to those electronic emissions. I feel badly for the countries they are marketing this product to. Like they’re guinea pigs.

  2. Love the idea but I do have one question: Are these diapers environmentally friendly or will they still be clogging up landfills long after my soon-to-be born grandchild is dead and gone? My daughter is all about the environment and refuses to buy regular diapers. There are tons of alternatives and she’s going to try a few different ones until she finds one she really likes. Little Oliver is due 6/24. Woo hoo. First grandchild. :)


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