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A Letter to McDonalds: My Mother’s Day Wish #MomsNotLovinIt


Dear McDonalds,

This Mother’s Day I have just one request. Leave my kids alone. I’ve honored your right to exist and I’d like to ask you kindly to honor their right to a McFood free childhood. I know, you’re going to say, “If you don’t like McDonalds just don’t patronize us.” And I don’t, and that’s a good solution but a better one would be where you stop marketing directly to children in insidious ways.

Your school can get a free visit from Ronald McDonald so that he can teach the kids about giving to charity. Although this sounds noble read the fine print:

This show is sponsored as an All-School Assembly. If all students do not participate in the presentation a show fee may be charged to your school.

If a savvy parent doesn’t want their child to be McEducated the school will be charged. Why would McDonalds want to reach pre-school aged kids? Further, McDonalds has pledged to shift the mix of foods advertised to children under 12 to encourage healthier dietary choices and healthy lifestyles. I’m not seeing proof of that pledge when McDonalds uses a 17 year old Olympian and a couple of little kids to promote a breakfast sandwich and don’t even get me started on apples in plastic bags with a side of HFCS caramel.

Gabby Douglas McDonalds

I wonder if McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson would let his kids be part of this promotion?

The FDA/USDA/CDC/FTC already condemn the practice of marketing foods laden with sodium, fat, sugar and unidentifiable ingredients to our kids. Today, as a Mother’s Day gift to me I’m asking McDonalds to back off.

Readers, you can give me the gift of your signature. Join the movement and let McDonalds know that McWorld, their advergaming for kids is McWrong. Sign up with and share the message far and wide.

If Mother’s Day is a day for us, let’s talk about our passions. My passion is children’s health. Join me in sharing the #MomsNotLovinIt hashtag all over the web and hopefully McDonalds will get the McMessage. Their own shareholder’s meeting has children’s health and obesity as it relates to fast food on the agenda (see page 50).

#MomsNotLovinIt Don Thompson

9 thoughts on “A Letter to McDonalds: My Mother’s Day Wish #MomsNotLovinIt”

  1. Thank you for this push to change marketing to our children. My boys know they won’t be getting McDonalds, but they know what it is and ask for it whenever they see one (which seems to be about every half a mile or so)

  2. Get over yourselves. Don’t eat there then. They have improved their nutrition, but nothing will ever be good enough for “Super Moms.” Almost every company markets to children. They are future customers. Common sense, geez. You are asking McDonalds to put themselves out of business. I wonder if you’ll get through to them, lol.

    1. Fat Slow Triathlete

      Bad eating starts young. These children develop bad habits due to lazy parenting. This causes health and weight issues later in life, which adds to the health care burden. It’s all connected.

  3. BTW, the parent makes the decision on whether to take their child to McDonalds. Can’t say no to a begging child? That is your problem. Fact is the kids ultimately pick based on taste. Burger King gives out neat toys and markets to kids too, but my kids hate Burger King and love McDonalds BECAUSE OF THE FOOD. I simply limit our visits and we eat pretty healthy otherwise. You health nuts won’t quit until tofu is the only option for everyone.

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