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Let Me Fill You In On Tomorrow’s News

This is an incredibly disturbing video. I do not recommend you watch it.

If you decide to watch the video what you will see is that the Hawthorne Police Department and SWAT teams are involved with getting someone out of a residence. You’ll watch a tense situation where lives are at risk and then you’ll see a man drive up with his “buff dog” and “bumping music”. He will pull out a cell phone and move to where the police action is. The police will detain him, the dog will escape the car and become menacing to the police (who incidentally will have their lives at risk behind them as well) and then the police will shoot the dog.

Abbreviated versions of this video are making their way around the web already. Don’t watch them. Don’t watch this.

Don’t be manipulated into thinking that the police killed a dog when my eyes tell me that a dog owner put his dog in harm’s way.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Fill You In On Tomorrow’s News”

  1. I’m not going to watch the video because sometimes I follow recommendations and this case I trust your advice. Just reading your words is enough to make me feel ill.

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