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Summertime Things: Including August 8th at Vromans

The business of baby

So basically I’m not writing that much these last two weeks because I’m busy brooding over the fact that my kids are gone too much. Yep, instead of using that kidless time to be productive I’m just mopey and pissed and wondering if they’re having fun and then wondering if I should have taken the camp money and spent it on a vacation instead. Then I remember that Mr. G has a job to do and that we couldn’t take a vacation anyhow so I walk the dog, build out a new business and then whine some more before getting the kids.

And then we do cool stuff. Like, have you ever run the hose on the trampoline and added some dish soap? Do that, then try to jump. If it’s not slippery enough for you go ahead and put your old tennis balls out there and make it a game where you have to jump without touching a ball. It’s especially fun when you feel like you’re 80 the next morning with a broken hip.

So with all of this I haven’t properly publicized the fact that I’ll be introducing Jen Margulis the author of The Business of Baby when she comes to Vromans on August 8th. I really enjoyed her book, her wit and her candor and I’m treating this as a marvelous excuse to get to know someone I’d otherwise never meet.

So you should too.

Along with Jennifer Magulis will be Dr. Stuart Fischbein who is an OB that performs home births. Typing that sentence made my vagina hurt. I find his work fascinating but I take Xanax to get a pap smear so you should come to Vromans on the 8th just in case I pass old cold when they talk, that stuff’s gold on YouTube.

Here’s the information straight from Vromans.

Jennifer Margulis discusses & signs The Business of Baby

08/08/2013 7:00 pm
695 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, California
91101United States

Why, despite our state-of-the-art medical technology, does the United States have among the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the industrialized world? Why do pregnant women who are planning to breastfeed receive “free” samples of infant formula from American obstetricians? Why are American newborns given a vaccine at birth against hepatitis B, a sexually transmitted disease? The Business of Baby, an eye-opening work of investigative journalism, exposes how our current cultural practices during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year of a baby’s life are not based on the best evidence or the most modern science, revealing how American moms and their babies are being undermined by corporate interests. An illuminating combination of meticulous research and in-depth interviews with parents, doctors, midwives, nurses, health care administrators, and scientists, Margulis’s impassioned and eloquent critique is shocking, groundbreaking, and revelatory. The Business of Baby arms parents with the information they need to make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their infants.



ISBN-13: 9781451636086
Availability: Probably In Stock — Call to confirm
Published: Scribner, 4/2013

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