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Winter In Not-Cabo

The kids were like, “Mo-om if we go to Cabo we can see all our friends during the winter break.” And I was like, “That’s a great idea.” And I drove down the 405 (okay I parked my car on the 405) and had fantasies of intimate drunken afternoons with my husband in a luxe hotel while some unsuspecting family watched our kids.

And then I didn’t book anything. Because I forgot and I was busy doing things, like living my life.

And then I went to book something and found out that all the good resorts are full the week we want to go and the second tier resorts are FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A NIGHT. Which simply will not happen. It’s Mexico. You get about 37,098,902,723 pesos for a dollar right?

Cabo Hotel Bill

So I freaked out and looked at tour companies. I’d love to tour Vietnam and Cambodia with Butterfield but I’d need two weeks to get that done and Mr. G just isn’t in a position to take that much time time off of work. I’m putting it on my list for next year. My mom used to travel with them a lot and was mostly happy with their trips but cautioned me that if we use them I should never look up the hotel rates because I’d be sad to see the mark up.

Then I thought about Costa Rica. I know a lot of people who love it and I was going to ask them for advice until I remembered there’s this thing called a Travel Agent and I know a good one so I called her and was like, “Listen I want to go somewhere warm but not rainy and we need to move our bodies every day and I want it to be somewhere that the JAPs won’t go but is still kind of luxe.” And she laughed and she liked me, which made me like her.

So I’m crossing my fingers and waiting for an itinerary that doesn’t inclue $43,000 worth of hotel rooms.

6 thoughts on “Winter In Not-Cabo”

  1. Just come to Paris and park the kids with me. I’ll teach them French, how to protest without getting arrested, and how to properly drink wine. I mean, grape juice. And you and Mr. G can go prance around being all fancy and shit.

  2. My parents live in Costa Rica and we go almost every year and sometimes more than once a year. You will love it. There are some really nice resorts and it won’t cost $43,000! Plus, our winter is summer there!

  3. Check out Rancho Pescadero – Beautiful, welcoming, luxurious in a rustic way, 30 minutes north of Cabo near Todos Santos. Very reasonable prices and amazing food & staff.

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