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If You Don’t Like the Michael J Fox Show You’re a Bad Person

I watched Family Ties growing up. I saw Back to the Future (on VHS and TV) and he was in a zillion movies as the super likable guy. Michael J Foxx has made appearances everywhere I watch and listen in the past few years since his Parkinson’s Disease has become his co-star. Every appearance, every interview and every PSA has the world (myself included) cheering for Michael J Fox. He wants to dance at his daughter’s wedding. I want him to dance at his daughter’s wedding. Only a monster wouldn’t want Michael J Fox to be cured of this punishing disease.

Along with 7.2 million other people I tuned in (rather, programmed my DVR) to watch the pilot episode of the Michael J Fox show. I watched the pilot and then I watched the second half hour and though it wasn’t particularly late I yawned, a lot. It just wasn’t a funny show. I wanted to like it, but I didn’t. Perhaps it will get better. I’m leaving it on the DVR and I’ll give it a scan but here’s where it’s clever.

Because the show is titled The Michael J Fox Show you can’t dislike the show without seeming to dislike Michael J Fox and MJF is unquestionably the most sympathetic man on TV. You can’t dislike the show with the shakes jokes or you hate disabled people and you aren’t inclusive and…

So I didn’t like it. It’s not funny. It’s missing humility and characters with depth. Of course it’s a sitcom and sitcoms don’t typically have much depth and it’s fair to note that I don’t love sitcoms as a rule but I’d never dream of missing an episode of Parks & Recreation.

I like Michael J Fox and I have at least three handicapable friends! There is genius in plastering Mr Nice Guy all over a network show because even Gawker gave it fake-love and pretended it was funny.

Oh someone just shoot me.

michael j fox show


7 thoughts on “If You Don’t Like the Michael J Fox Show You’re a Bad Person”

  1. I’ll tell you why I didn’t like it — the second episode, and we’re already seeing him thinking about his cute upstairs neighbor romantically? Please. …And I really, really want to like it.

  2. I thought it wasn’t THAT bad, as far as NBC sitcoms go lately. I laughed out loud when his chair rolled across the screen. I think Betsy Brandt is really solid. The “documentary” style is a weird choice, like trying too hard to be like Modern Family. I’ll keep watching, partly because I enjoyed it and partly because I have friends who work on it, but with its low premier ratings I don’t think there will be too many to watch.

  3. I agree. The previews looked good, I like him and I really wanted to like the show. Didn’t mind the characters that much, but it just wasn’t funny. I laughed out loud once- when the daughter was desperately looking for a Melissa Ethridge CD for her (not really) lesbian friend.

  4. I didn’t like his show. I can only make fun of a guy with Parkinson’s
    for so long before I just feel icky inside. And how long does he think
    he can ride this train anyway? That was basically all the show was about with maybe a little bit of happy family dolloped on top. I love Michael J Fox but honestly, I just felt kind of sorry for him and I’ve never let myself feel sorry for him before.

  5. It looked old – meaning that the film process made it look like an old 80s sitcom. Maybe I’m used to the film/look of CBS sitcoms, which seem less filmed.

    And the neighbor (who is his real wife) was just an odd story line for the second show.

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