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Is She a Victim or a Perpetrator?

This week there was a story about a teenage girl who was detained while shopping in Victoria’s Secret. The security guard believed that she and a friend were shoplifting and when their bags were inspected a fetus was found. It seems that there is some question as to whether there was a delivery, miscarriage, still birth or drowning of a baby.

What is not in question is that the girl is seventeen years old and already has another child. We know this because the local news in New York City interviewed people on the street, her friends and neighbors.

While this odd and tragic tale is clearly newsworthy I’m wondering if the identity of the mother is necessary? At just 17 years old I’m wondering if the media could have identified her as a teen and been content with that?

When you have a mother and a dead infant you always have two victims.

2 thoughts on “Is She a Victim or a Perpetrator?”

  1. This is so tragic I can’t even believe it. The irony isn’t lost on me that this girl was shopping at Victoria’s Secret, a place known for its very sexy lingerie. So sad.

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