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A good blogger would have detailed the day for you. I would tell you that I went to a new Pilates studio and was greeted by an old friend. We’d nursed our babies together and after we hugged, chatted and reminisced I had an amazing workout that left me feeling like I had the strength of a runner (I do not) and the flexibility of a yogi (I most certainly do not). Pilates is the indoor exercise I do not hate. Of course it’s prohibitively expensive and requires scheduling.

After Pilates I zoomed through emails and dropped down the rabbit hole of social media to come up with an interesting topic for y’all. I noticed two viral stories and made a mental note to myself to present them without commentary and promptly forgot about both.

In Tennessee students are segregated based on their grades. In Michigan this happened

Don’t ever tell me that mainstreaming holds back typical students. Segregation holds us all back.

Lunch was a two hour affair at The Luxe in Beverly Hills. My friend Stefan hosted four of us and I was late. I am late everywhere because of my limited self control. I tell myself I’ll finish one email, one slide or one image and then I add another because I get my groove going and then I end up speeding through canyon roads (in part because I’m late and in part because I generally drive like a bit of an asshole) and flinging my keys at hapless valets who are unaware that they will be tipped generously when I exit. We talked about blogging and social media, parenting and old media. About halfway through the meal I realized that almost all of my lunches are with women and I loved listening to three men talk about their kids.

I was only 5 minutes late but I should have been 5 minutes early. A strenuous morning of visiting the dry cleaner, a new Pilates studio and watching Corazon Indomable with the housekeeper is simply not going to provide a compelling excuse to be late. With that being said could you even look away when the nanny discovers that Maricruz’ daughter is kidnapped?

We talked about how the world is dangerous (I contend that it is not), how media is evolving and how kids are shits (not ours, other people’s).

Someone shared a post today about how to make a living blogging. It talked about building a foundation, reaching out to PR, scoring great stories, and building a business first and a blog second. They are so fucking wrong. Am I watching Corazon Indomable because it’s slick? No, I’m watching it because I want to see Maricruz’ eyelashes flutter off her head when she finds out about the missing baby. I’m watching it because these characters are caricatures of myself and everyone I know. I watch it because it’s deliciously entertaining, only vaguely realistic and even though my Spanish is horrible I understand almost everything Miguel says and can mostly guess what Simona is saying.

Find your voice. Not a voice, but your voice. Figure out what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and who you’re going to piss off. If no one is ever uncomfortable why bother writing it?



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  1. Old time bloggers are so very jaded, myself included about so many things, but the crap about how to monetize a blog makes me roll my eyes.

    I dare those people to open up the books and show how much they have really made from blogging. And then I want a breakdown of the costs, not just hosting and themes, but how much time have they spent working as an indentured servant.

    But that is just me.

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