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Livestream of Dolphins Being Captured in Taiji

I don’t really have a post to write. I’ve talked about Sea World and their unethical practices in the past.

Okay wait. I didn’t really mean unethical. I meant to say that Sea World takes animals out of the wild and tortures them for human entertainment. Their life spans are reduced by approximately 66% and their quality of life includes torture.

Right now I’m watching 8 men attack a bottle nose dolphin to bring it into captivity. The ones who die will land on someone’s plate. Congratulations.

Take a look NOW at this livestream of Taiji

Please share the livestream with your friends and for the love of all things good please do not visit places like Sea World who are buying these animals after they’ve been starved in a cove for four days. They’re not for your entertainment, and they’re not necessary for food.

If you absolutely must visit Atlantis Resort (and I really don’t think you must) at a minimum skip the swimming with dolphins.

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