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A Conversation With My Kids

I’m driving to Jane’s school in the evening so she can practice baseketball and Alexander and I have brought computers with us so we can work and do homework.

JANE: During spring break they reset the firewall at school and now I can’t get to any of the sites that I need.

ME: Oh no, that’s terrible. Will I be able to get to my site?


ME: How do you know?

JANE: I’m sure they blocked it.

ME: That’s probably good but how do you know? You don’t read my site.

JANE: No. I don’t.

ME: Then how do you know it’s blocked?

JANE: Because it probably has too much cursing.

ME: I don’t know that I curse that much on my site.

JANE AND ALEXANDER: We think you do.

ME: But you guys said you don’t read my site?

ALEXANDER: You’re our Mom. We think we know what you’re saying over there.

JANE: Yeah, we’re making educated guesses.


1 thought on “A Conversation With My Kids”

  1. Hilarious! Kids know you best mom. They live with you your food..sleep in your house..walk in on you in the bathroom..they’ve seen and heard it all. Even when you think they’re not paying attention…..they sure are!

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