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Alexander Explains The Death Range

Tonight at the dinner table I told my husband about our dear friend whose ex-husband died earlier in the day. We, of course, want to support her and her children during a difficult time. It should be simple. Offered without commentary is tonight’s dinner conversation.

ME: Something terrible happened today.

MR. G: What?

ME: Our friend’s ex husband died.

Mr. G has a look of shock on his face. His mouth is open wide.

MR. G: Oh no. How?

ME: They think it was a heart attack. It was out of the blue, he hasn’t been sick or anything.

MR. G: How old was he?

ME: I don’t know exactly but mid 50’s.

ALEXANDER: [matter of factly] Well that’s in the death range.

MR. G: The what range?

ALEXANDER: The death range. You know, it’s sort of when it’s time to die.

MR. G: [horrified and bemused] When does the death range begin?

ALEXANDER: You know when people hit about 65 they start to die I guess.

MR. G: But we’re talking about a man in his 50’s that’s like 10 years earlier.

ALEXANDER: That’s why it’s a range. You get in the range┬áto die.

I’d give you more details but according to my son I need to hurry up and buy myself a coffin.


1 thought on “Alexander Explains The Death Range”

  1. Ha ha. I’m glad you didn’t come down hard on him. A Chinese family would have… For saying something say unlucky. I wonder whether it’s the kids way of coping with the uncertainty. For example, my youngest is convinced that we will die in order: so I will go first, then my husband, etc. Not that he’s selfish but this gives something uncertain and scary a certain logic.

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