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Obviously I Was Destined to Drive The 2014 Honda Accord

A little over a week ago I was driving (okay parked) on the freeway behind a Honda Accord Coupe and it caught my eye.

I loved the look of it. So when I bought my car in for service earlier this week and they didn’t have a Jaguar to lend me I was actually pretty stoked. I spent two days tooling around in an Accord Sedan. It’s an Enterprise Rent a Car so it was a stripped down model that had been subject to quite a bit of abuse but the drive was fantastic. It was the 6 cylinder version. The next time you see an Accord on the road check the door handles, if they’re chrome it’s the larger engine, if they’re the same color as the body of the car it’s a 4 cylinder.

My girlfriend and I sat in it an oohed and ahhed because there’s space and you can actually look out a window. It seems like so many cars have given up on actually having windows that we’re sitting in the dark. The back seat is spacious and I’m pretty sure I could fit two dead bodies in the trunk.

I’m going to bug the folks at Honda for an extended drive but based on two days of an ill maintained Accord (and having no clue how much they cost) I’d add this to the sedan shopping list any day.

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