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Yesterday I Had a Haircut and It Saved Me $1,500

About a month ago I was on CNN with my as-promised curly hair. When I hit the makeup chair they just added a little definition to my curls with this tub of goo from Oribe.

oribe curl by definition

I ended up loving it and a quick google search told me that I could buy it at Barneys. So I did.

I dutifully went to Barneys but everyone knows you can’t go to Barneys without first having lunch at Neiman’s because their popovers are the base of a perfect day. Somewhere between the basement at Neimans and the front door on Wilshire I snag a book about France for my daughter and a lipstick for me. Since I’ve consumed a gallon of iced tea I have to use the ladies room and diverted past the boy’s section when I fawn over the new denim for my son. I’ve now spent $350 and my hair hasn’t been tended to.

I exit Neimans, walk a block and enter Barneys right into the purse and shoes department. I surrender. I wave a white flag and come home with pair of casual shoes and a very modest (for Barneys) crossbody purse. I wander into the beauty department and plunk down $48 for the curl cream, which now feels ungodly expensive because I’ve just spent too much money on non essential items. I assure you hair products are essential items in my household.

Yesterday I had a haircut for the first time in forever and I noticed that my favorite salon is now carrying my favorite hair product. Yes, I bought my¬†Oribe at C yesterday and I saved myself $1,500. Now that I’ve saved so much I have to figure out what to spend it on.

Mr. G loves it when I do math.

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