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#EASafe Military Chat RSVP: October 28th 10am Pacific

We’ve been on our blogs and on twitter talking about Estate Assist. Annie told y’all about using it to organize passwords, Chloe talked about Estate Planning and travel, MomSmack talked about a lack of organization (guilty as charged) and Amiyrah talked about deployment.

With Veteran’s Day right around the corner we have decided to make the last chat of October all about military families. These men and women face unique challenges that range from frequent moves to deployment. If you’re part of a military family you have levels of organization that the rest of us mere mortals can only imagine.

With that I’m inviting the military families to join us for a very special Estate Assist chat on Tuesday October 28th. It’s at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern. If you’re active or retired military we want to hear from you, we want to learn your secrets. If you’re not come hang out with us and learn from from the men and women who protect our country and the families that love them.

estate assist safe

As we did previously we’ll be offering a $50 Amazon Gift card and some subscriptions to Safe by Estate Assist. But you must RSVP here.

  • Save the date: October 28th at 10am pacific (1p ET)
  • Follow @JessicaGottlieb on twitter
  • Follow the panelists @4hatsandfrugal  and @RockonMommies on twitter
  • Follow the brand host @EstateAssistUS on twitter – they’re excited to hear from you
  • Watch for the hashtag #EASafe and let’s talk about #Military family life
  • To be entered to win any of the prizes you must first leave a comment here with your Twitter ID

If you are so inclined please tweet the following: RT @WOMWomen join @EstateAssistUS for a twitter chat 10/28 @ 10am PT we’ll talk #military families RSVP for prizes


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