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Safe by Estate Assist Twitter Chat: RSVP here

As everyone in my personal life knows I’ve been spending a great deal of time working with bloggers through my new(ish) company Word of Mouth Women.

For the next four weeks (hopefully longer) we will be hosting twitter chats for a new client. Estate Assist is new on the scene, they launched yesterday and they want to talk to y’all about their product called Safe.

Safe by Estate Assist is document storage and security that actually incorporates estate planning. Yes, it’s great that you’ve got your documents stored in the cloud or even printed and in your safety deposit box but what happens when you’re in the hospital or out of the country? What if you’re deployed or your identity has been stolen? What if the house burns down? What if the unthinkable happens and you or your spouse die? Who gets access to those documents? What’s the plan? What’s the logon?

No plan is no plan and it’ll suck when you’re in an airport in Mumbai and need your spouse to have access to your health insurance paperwork. You can say but as many times as you like and it’ll still be a disaster piled on top of a disaster. Estate Assist Safe shares your info with the people who are closest to you.

Estate Assist’s Safe will help keep you organized in your daily routines (I love being able to actually find my kids’ immunization records) and give you peace of mind for long term and estate planning. In the midst of upheaval the people who love you won’t be shrieking what’s the login?

On Tuesday October 7th we’ll be having a twitter chat about organization sponsored by Estate Assist. We’ll be giving away some lifetime subscriptions to Estate Assist and a $50 Amazon Gift Card. In order to win you need to RSVP here. Here’s everything you need to do.

  • Save the date: October 7th at 7pm pacific (10p ET)
  • Follow @JessicaGottlieb on twitter
  • Follow the panelists @ChloeJeffreys  and @MamaDweeb on twitter
  • Follow @WOMWomen on twitter
  • Follow the brand @EstateAssistUS on twitter – they’re excited to hear from you
  • Watch for the hashtag #EASafe and let’s talk about what keeps you organized
  • To be entered to win any of the prizes you must first leave a comment here with your Twitter ID

If you are so inclined please tweet the following: RT @WOMWomen join @EstateAssistUS for a twitter chat 10/7 @ 7pm PT we’ll talk about organization RSVP for prizes 

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