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I didn’t like my Facebook Year in Review movie. Some people didn’t like theirs because they had losses that they didn’t want to be reminded of, like Eric Meyer who lost a child. I don’t blame him one bit. I wouldn’t want to review that year with false happiness either. Other people had smaller losses, less tragic ones (let’s face it, every loss is smaller and less tragic than losing a child) and didn’t want their Year in Review.

I didn’t like my Facebook Year in Review because I am uncomfortable with how I used Facebook in 2014. There were too many I’s and Me’s in there. Too many selfies and not enough of my friends and environment. I don’t dislike the Year in Review because there were hard parts to the year (there were) I dislike the Year in Review because after nearly a decade of blogging and being paid to live my life and give my opinion I’m sick of hearing myself talk about me.

The personal blog has all but died off. I’ve been saying that for years but here I am starting yet another year with a post dotted with I’s and Me’s. This year I’m going to start things differently each day.

My first Facebook post of the day will be #YouBeforeMe. I’m going to spend some time introducing you to my friends who are out there doing amazing things. I started on New Year’s Day with my friend April. It’s worth a read. April is a source of both discipline and joy for me.

I’ll continue along in this vein both introducing both friends and ideas. Some of my friends keep their Facebook more private but have pages that they enjoy sharing. I think that what makes us interesting is the company we keep. I learn so much from all of you both online and off that I’m looking forward to my Year in Review for 2015. I’m hoping it will better represent who I am and who I want to be.

If you want to join in just introduce a friend on Facebook and tag it with #YouBeforeMe.



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  1. Who said the personal blog has died off? People who full time in their RVs personal blog a lot, and there are many of us. We are legion. If you don’t blog about what you’re doing, you might as well be an informal news service.

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